The New Social Network that Aims to Challenge Big Tech and Allows You to Earn Money by Posting About Your Daily Life: Wooo!

Unlike conventional social networks where users often act as passive spectators, Wooo! seeks to break this mold by turning each individual into the protagonist

In the new digital universe where social networks have become engines of information and entertainment, a new and exciting proposal emerges promising to completely change the game: Wooo! This innovative instant social game, conceived to revolutionize how we interact online, presents itself as much more than just an app; it is a platform where users are the undisputed protagonists. In conversation with Carmelo Ferlito, the visionary CEO of Wooo, a vision beyond traditional social networks is revealed, challenging expectations and redefining the digital landscape.

At the core of Wooo!’s philosophy lies the notion of active participation as a fundamental requirement for success. Unlike conventional social networks where users often act as passive spectators, Wooo! seeks to break this mold by turning each individual into the protagonist. Instead of simply consuming content, Wooo! users actively engage in content production, competing in a social gaming dynamic where creativity and community support are the currency. It’s not just a social network; it’s a playing field where participation is the key to success, and each user has the opportunity to be recognized and, most excitingly, monetize their talents.

The genesis of Wooo! dates back to 2020 when Matilde Bartolotta Cingolani conceived the vision that now drives the platform. This innovative idea not only arose from the need to fill a gap in the market but also represents a unique fusion of creativity and innovation in the so-called 3.0 culture. The name itself, «Wooo!», comes from the excited reaction of a friend of Matilde when witnessing the project in its early stages, embodying the surprise and enthusiasm that Wooo! seeks to inspire in each of its users.

Here’s what Carmelo Ferlito, CEO of Wooo, said to Informe Orwell:

  1. What is Wooo? Wooo! is the first instant social game where users are the protagonists, competing with their daily lives. We provide a unique platform that allows users to showcase their talents and earn money from them. This is possible thanks to features that differentiate this social game from any other app in the current market. Wooo! will literally revolutionize the world of applications. So, it’s not a social network, implying a passive fan base consuming content produced by others. Instead, it’s a social game: to win, users and influencers must actively participate with each other through content production that competes among them. Unlike other games where you win by doing things, Wooo! is also social in the sense that victory is strongly correlated with the support of a community to which each user belongs: you need your community’s support to win.
  2. What is Wooo’s mission and purpose? A new way of life, a new concept, the instant social game that allows users to do everything they did before but with the difference of being the protagonists of their lives to an even greater degree. Wooo! was designed to fill this gap in the market and provide users with a market for their talent. Each person becomes a player simply by going about their daily activities, with the opportunity to earn money and gain recognition from the community, thanks to the participation of friends, family, or anyone part of their fan base. In summary, Wooo! provides a stage where you can showcase your talent, earn recognition, and monetize. But in the game’s dynamics, it’s not enough to have talent; you need to «market» that talent within a specific community to gain recognition.
  3. How, when, and where did the idea arise? Wooo! owes its creative and foundational concept to Matilde Bartolotta Cingolani. Her pioneering and visionary idea is what drove and inspired the creation of Wooo! Social Games Inc., led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who immediately saw its commercial potential. The idea came to her in 2020, a time when young people are immersed and inspired by what could be defined as 3.0 culture, where creativity combines with the most sophisticated forms of innovation. In fact, the app’s name was inspired by one of Mrs. Cingolani’s companions and friends, who, upon seeing the project in its early phase, exclaimed enthusiastically, «Wow, Matilde, this is awesome!» This phrase was crucial in inspiring the name of the social game: «Wooo! – Win with your daily life.»
  4. How do you play and earn money with Wooo? The foundational concept of Wooo! is that everyone has at least one talent, and by showcasing it, users not only gain recognition but can also monetize their talents. There are two levels to earn money in Wooo! The first is the Talented Influencer (TI) level: we lower the entry barrier and start earning money with just 100 followers. A talented influencer can monetize in two ways: 1) by doing live broadcasts and charging an entry fee to watch the live stream, and 2) by creating contests where each participant pays a fee, and the total amount constitutes the total reward; the TI earns half of the reward. But users can choose not to become TIs and stay at a lower subscription level: this way, they can monetize not by creating contests but by participating in them, with the possibility of winning the other 50% of the reward.
  5. Is there a specific audience for this app, or can people of all kinds and professionals post their content? The app is designed to adapt to everyone in their daily lives. I sincerely believe that the tool is so powerful that it can overcome any age barrier: I see winners in Wooo! from the young talented guitarist seeking recognition, but at the same time, I see my mother cooking amazing food and being recorded by my niece. In the end, Wooo! aims at the core of human nature, which is creative, entrepreneurial, and in search of recognition: therefore, we have no limits in terms of age groups or skill groups. However, there are some professions that, by their nature, cannot stand out as a talent, such as legal, medical, or financial counseling.
  6. Suppose I’m a musician, how can I benefit from Wooo? Well, the starting point is to produce engaging content to post among the free content on Wooo! But that wouldn’t be enough. Once the content is published, it’s good to share it within the app and externally «viralize» it, using the «get followers» button, which allows you to share Wooo! content (with a Wooo! link!) on other common platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once you’ve built a decent follower base, and the value of your content has been recognized by an increasing number of followers, you can, by becoming a TI, showcase your talent through live broadcasts and contests. This is a way to stay engaged with your follower base, grow it, and allow both parties to monetize.
  7. Will there be people who can live simply by posting their daily tasks on Wooo? How much people earn in the app will depend on how large their follower base is and also on the recognition they receive for their talent once they reach the level of talented influencer (TI) once they have at least the basic level of 100 fans. Ultimately, the sky’s the limit. A simple example: you’re an influencer with 30,000 followers on IG; you manage to bring 10,000 of them to Wooo; you convince 1,000 of them to play with you every day in a contest, charging 1 USD/contest; this way, with just 1,000 committed followers, you take home USD 500/day. Not bad…
  8. Does Wooo have or will it have limitations on discourse about political or cultural topics, as is the case today on platforms like Facebook or Instagram? What is Wooo’s vision regarding this? Wooo! is committed to allowing freedom of expression in a hate-free and non-discriminatory environment. I want to clarify that content moderation on major platforms has become a tool to allow a single narrative on certain topics. I don’t want Wooo! to take the same path.
  9. Finally, what is Wooo’s differential value compared to other social networks? Why do you think everyone reading this article should download the app and start using it? From a corporate and strategic perspective, the biggest differentiator is that we will not accept advertising and, therefore, will have no interest in selling data to corporations. Therefore, privacy is built into our business model, which revolves around the concept of «inertial virality,» where the need for a growing follower base to win contests requires users to keep trying to attract external people to the app. From a product perspective, I believe the major difference is that while traditional social networks attract passive consumers and create a kind of barrier between regular users and influencers, we aim to attract active, protagonist users and build a user/influencer relationship where mutual participation, support, and interaction are key to recognition and monetization.

    You can download the social network on the Apple Store and also on Google Play.

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